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CMS finalized the 2020 proposal for new and revised Care Management codes
Increasing patient access to care for better outcomes
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CCM Program Consulting

Chronic Care Management Auditing and Compliance Consultants


Individual/Group Provider Practices AND Hospital/Health Systems Care Management Compliance Services

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Individual/Group Provider Practices AND Hospital/Health System CCM/Care Management Program Services Including Program Implementation, Enrollment and Monthly Management

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CCM/Care Management Vendor Review Services

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What Our Client Have to Say

Full references available upon request.

...Sheila has been working with our law firm for the past several years... In addition to her knowledge base, Sheila has a unique way of being able to take medical terminology and concepts and effectively convey them to people without a medical background... She is not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss and respond to questions.

MIchael D.Dement | Stern PLLC

...By implementing the Chronic Care Management program this allowed us to significantly improve our patient satisfaction as well as staff satisfaction. We found that after the implementation the program allowed us to not only add new patients to the schedule but also created additional needed revenue for our practice which enhanced our bottom-line.
We were so impressed with Mrs. Whatley’s healthcare knowledge and ability to identify areas of improvement and revenue sources that we decided to sign a 5-year contract with Mrs. Whatley for continued services...

Michael W., DOPhysician House Calls of Texas, PA

...Mrs. Whatley identified and made improvements to our practice by implementing a Chronic Care Management program as well as a new more efficient EMR. By implementing the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program this not only added additional revenue to our practice but also provided better patient outcomes and satisfaction... her healthcare knowledge has been key for the continued success of our practice...

David W., G-NPWillis Senior Housecalls

...As a nursing executive Sheila sets the highest standard for writing/developing compliant patient care delivery protocols. Through her executive management/supervisory talent she is able to efficiently execute/implement clinical care delivery with precision amongst a large care delivery team. These talents are essential in today’s regulatory environment. Sheila’s care management knowledge and practice translates to client satisfaction at the highest level...

Chris B.

Sheila's knowledge of Medicare's Care Management program and her ability to execute make her a true SME!

Kirk S.Healthcare Strategies

...I highly recommend Sheila Whatley for Care Management Program consulting. Her knowledge of the program including program compliance makes her a great resource to companies and/or healthcare providers providing or considering Care Management (CCM)....

Paul H.Falcon Care LLC

...Your comprehensive CCM knowledge couple with your ability to convey the clinical merits of a CCM program to a room full of stogy fee for service minded MDs as well as bottom line driven CPAs was nothing short of miraculous. If that isn't a skill in and of itself you can also
implement a streamlined program from general operations to boots on the ground education of clinical staff.

You are amazing and as rare as a Long-tailed Duck in Texas! I loved working with you!...

Tammi P., PA-CInterPoint Health