Vector Consulting, Inc are highly trained and experienced consultants who understand the CMS program regulatory requirements, healthcare law and how to provide/monitor a program that meets requirements and provides best patient care.

Our team has experience working in clinical and compliance leadership and executive roles within the healthcare industry and in the practice of healthcare law. Vector Consulting works with organizations of all sizes and types including primary care and specialty providers, physician groups, health systems and CCM software vendor SAS and/or turn- key companies.

We have direct experience in the development, implementation, and evaluation of CMS Care Management programs that are integrated into your practice or provided by 3rd party care management service providers. Our compliance program reviews include research, analysis, and implication of specific regulatory compliance risks with solutions.

We strategize and advise our clients on how to address major industry trends in a proactive and methodical manner. Vector Consulting also provides advisory services on how to handle specific situations that arise with the day-to-day monitoring of your CMS programs.

Vector Consulting recommends that organizations conduct “ongoing auditing and monitoring” of the health care compliance program to ensure effectiveness. Our healthcare compliance solutions include effectiveness evaluations and reviews based on CMS, MAC and OIG workplan guidance to meet industry best practices.

Allen Roach
Chief Executive Officer / JD

Allen Roach is an attorney with 17 years of experience in litigation and advising business clients on matters involving contracts, licensing, state and federal regulations, state administrative process and civil liability.  Over the course of his legal career, Allen has personally handled litigation claims for clients in each of those areas and more.

Over the last ten years, Allen has focused on helping healthcare providers, facilities, vendors and practice groups to ensure patient privacy, compliance with CMS rules and regulations, service contract development enforcement, licensing board matters and employment – while also leading or helping with related litigation matters.  By working with clients who are both involved and not involved in litigation, Allen helps them to develop practice procedures and policies that work to limit liability exposure while ensuring compliance, delivering positive patient results and expanding revenue sources.

sheila whatley lvn

Sheila Whatley, LVN-SME
CMS Care Management Programs

Sheila Whatley is a Chronic Care Management and Compliance expert with over 20 years of Healthcare operations experience, 12 years consulting experience in emerging industry & 24+ years practicing as a nursing healthcare provider. Sheila Whatley pioneered transitional health programs in 2008, Health technologies in 2012, and Chronic Care Management & Transitional Care Management in 2015.

Sheila Whatley has a large background in Healthcare Quality and Compliance that spans many healthcare environments such as physician practice, hospital / post acute and Home Health Care. Sheila Whatley also has an extensive background in Chronic Care Management and Transitional Care Management
program implementation, delivery and overall program quality and compliance.